SkyLine has now released the X383 adaptor to facilitate programming the Z-383 EPROM module, which is used in the Midland 70-336 and 70-526 8-channel mobiles. 

Initially we envisaged expanding our existing software to accommodate the Z-383.  However due to the substantial differences between the Z-273 and Z-383 modules' data storage and capacity, we have instead produced a separate program to handle the Z-383.

In use, the X383 is simply connected to the 70-1000X (see photo below) and can remain in place throughout the programming session, with the Z-383 EPROM module(s) being connected to and disconnected from the adaptor as directed by the software.

Existing 70-1000X owners will be supplied with the new X383 adaptor and the corresponding software for the cost of shipping, on request.   Future sales of the 70-1000X will include these items at no additional cost.

The  SkyLine  X383  adaptor  installed  on  the  70-1000X  programmer.

A  Midland  Z-383  EPROM  module  installed  on  the  SkyLine  X383  adaptor.

Please be aware that:
In each case, damage to the programmer could result from using the incorrect adaptor.

Check the FAQ or contact us for further information.

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